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The Veterinary Medical Center helped Buddy the Beagle walk again.

Striped cat, Burnie sitting on top of a present that is being wrapped.Burnie the cat had been having seizures. Burnie had surgery for the tumor causing those seizures at the Veterinary Medical Center, which restored his quality of life. 

Other than glaucoma in his right eye, he is doing great and continues to be the chatty, lovable cat he has always been. 

Sadie, a Golden Retriever, standing and looking back over her shoulder.

Sadie has grown to be a lovely senior citizen, who spends her days napping in the shade of our evergreen tree, on the couch or where ever she wants. Each day with Sadie is a gift...

The University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center was able to remove a mast cell tumor from golden retriever Sadie's chest.