Bailey's Story

The dog, Bailey lying down, Bailey looking at the camera, Bailey on a boat

I'm sure you think your pet is special, but our dog, Bailey, really is the best dog in the ENTIRE WORLD. He is the best thing that ever happened to our family.

While on vacation in New Mexico a few weeks ago, we woke up one day to find our best friend drooling, his right eye frozen in a stare, and his right ear hanging at a funny angle. Something was wrong, and we all hoped that it might just be a temporary thing related to an insect bite or something. We rushed to a vet in Santa Fe, where they loaded him up on antibiotics (the right thing to do we have learned) and told us to see a canine neurologist (was there really such a thing???) as soon as possible. NOT possible any time soon in New Mexico.

Possible back home in Minnesota!!! So we loaded the family back into the car for the 1300 mile drive back to the Land of 10,000 lakes, where the U of M VMC had an appointment available just a few days away. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but an appointment 10 days early saved about a thousand tissues.

After a thorough exam by a student, Colin Reich, and a consultation by Dr. Alistair McVey, our dog was headed for a day at the U of M VMC where he would be boarded (our spoiled pooch has never seen a kennel), anesthetized (even scarier), MRI'd and "tapped" if necessary (Holy Cow!) No fun for the dog, no fun for us. The result of all that Bailey endured was that we do not know why what has happened has happened, but we do know what it is not. We shall have to wait and see. His condition may improve, it may not. We are OK with either outcome. He has adjusted and so shall we.

MY VMC STORY is not about how Bailey was cured. My story is about the INCREDIBLE treatment that MY concerns received by the Staff at the front desk, the INCREDIBLE communication and updates provided by Colin Reich, and the THOROUGHNESS of the communication by Dr. McVey. I am a world-class worrier, and when it comes to my best friend, Bailey, a crier. Dr. McVey listened to our concerns in such a way that we had complete confidence. The Staff at the front desk conveyed my concerns about my friend to everyone. Colin Reich called me about a half-a-dozen times throughout the day, putting my fears and worries to rest.

"Bailey is fine in his kennel he is not stressed or barking".
"Bailey is doing well in his kennel he is relaxed and sleeping".
"Bailey's MRI has been pushed back an hour or so".
"Bailey is awake already be here by 4:00 to take him home".

Never would have guessed that anyone would care about my dog, or me, so much.


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