Beyla's Story

Beyla, with a smaller dog, both looking at camera

Last October 2014, I accidentally ran my 1 year old Chesapeake Retriever, Beyla, over with my golf cart. She had a broken left tib/fib and a dislocated right hip (both hind leg injuries) that would not go back into place. We asked for the best care, and our Vet, Dr. Koenig, recommended the U of M.

We arrived on a Sunday, and could not believe how welcoming everyone was. She was so well taken care of, and I am unbelievably grateful for her care. Her surgery went so well, and she made a beautiful recovery. Before the accident, she was the most playful, active, happy puppy that I've ever owned. I never thought I would see that side of her again, but she is even happier and more playful than before the accident. Again, I am incredibly grateful for all that your facility does. Thank you for everything.

Beyla, in recovery collar with shaven hind quarters.

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