Bowser's Story

Bowser after surgery

In June 2016 we found out that our sweet beagle/ basset hound's two-month-old limp in his hind leg was caused by a cancerous tumor.  Our Vet in Virginia sadly gave us no hope of him living more than a month or two and sent us home to manage his pain and prepare for the worst.

My daughter took Bowser to her home in Bloomington to spend his last days with her. Unwilling to accept that nothing could be done, she called many Vet Offices for another opinion, but the wait to be seen was weeks.  We were blessed when South Hyland Vet Hospital was willing to see him immediately.  What happened after that was one miracle after another.

It was discovered that the cancer had not spread into his lungs, and Bowser was referred to the U of MN Veterinary Center's oncology dept.  He was given an appointment right away.  Unfortunately, he had a fracture in the leg, so he didn't qualify for the osteosarcoma research study.  But we felt so confident in the amazing Drs. and the positive energy of the clinic that we did not think twice about their ability to save our baby, no matter what the cost.  Another miracle for our 12-year-old boy was given to us by Dr. Henson and his colleagues.

Bowser had his back leg removed and was bulldozing his way out the door in record time.  The caring clinicians in oncology provided us with the best aftercare, and his incision healed perfectly as he adapted to his new 3 legged self!  He had 6 chemotherapy sessions after the July amputation. Each time he ran to the oncology door with tail wagging. No shaking, no dragging him in, no resistance at all. He had a great time in the play area with his other 3 legged buddies.               

Such joy and spirit in our dog. Such brilliance, kindness, and sincere love from the Drs. and from all of the staff. We are so grateful to have found our way here. Thank you isn't enough to express our appreciation in having Bowser our beagley still alive, now almost a year from that first dreadful diagnosis.

Mary, Erin, and Bowser

MyVMC Story - Bowser's Story

Bowser after 3rd chemo

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