Cassy's Story

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One day while collecting farm eggs out of the hen house, Cassy's life and ours changed!  She suddenly couldn't lift her head, walked with it down, and tripped over her front paw because it would bend over as she walked.  Over time she started getting weak in her back leg and her face and eye were droopy on one side.  We worked with her vet, then a Chiropractor, then a different vet who sent us to the U of MN through emergency.  After two different rounds of strict crate rest and steroids and pain meds, we made our second visit to the U of MN Veterinary Hospital and met with Dr. McVey in Neurology.

Dr. McVey suspected she had a ruptured disk due to Intervertebral Disc Disease, which was putting pressure on her spine up in her neck.  He recommended an MRI and surgery the next day.  We worked closely with Student Jeff Stegmaier who was along Cassy's side the entire time.  The entire staff from Neurology made us feel so confident in our decision to help Cassy, we can't thank them enough!

Dr. McVey was exactly right in his diagnosis, and surgery was performed right after the MRI, doing a Ventral Slot Procedure!  Cassy made an amazing recovery while staying at the U, and came home a couple days later.

As recommended we kept Cassy in a very protected low level activity environment for 8 weeks, slowly started working her up in activity after the first four weeks.  We are so happy to say that Cassy has made a full recovery!  No droopy face or eye, head is up, no weakness in limbs.  She is back to her normal self again.

Cassy is like the child we never had.  She is a Momma and Daddy's girl.  She brings so much happiness to our home!  Cassy believes she has a job to do on our farm, and she is back to her hard work again.  We are forever grateful to Dr. McVey and Jeff Stegmaier, along with the entire staff, for your knowledge, gift, and expertise in Neurology, and for showing such compassion to our loved one and us.  Thank you for helping our friend feel better again, and not hurt!  You are all amazing!


Cassy, Becky and Jon 

MyVMC Story - Asset - Cassy's Story a

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