Chaos' Story

Sitting brown dog, Chaos, smiling and looking directly at the camera.

They took such great care of my pit bull terrier Chaos. After I had already spent $2,000 in vet bills over 6 visits with no answers at my regular veterinarian, they did the tests and procedures needed for a diagnosis within 2 days. The entire staff was amazing and it was an all around comforting and excellent experience regardless of his diagnosis. I felt a sense of relief being there, knowing they cared and we're going above and beyond to find us answers. I didn't leave with unanswered questions. Dr. Bongard, sat down and explained everything to me, and called me regularly to let me know how he was doing and what was going on while he was in their care. Needless to say, if I have a sick dog ever again, we are skipping the Fargo vet and coming directly to U of M. Can't say enough good things about the Dr.'s and the staff. So thankful for the U of M Veterinary Medical Center.

Chaos, sitting on a chair. He has a small shaved square of fur on his side.

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