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My husband and I travel from North Carolina to Minnesota every September so that we can spend a few months in closer proximity to our children and grandchildren. We always bring our two dogs along. They relish the extra attention and most of all, enjoy the freedom they have to roam the woods outside our cabin.

However, two years in a row we encountered issues that required specialized Vet services. We were introduced to the UMN Emergency Vets last year after it was discovered that our Italian Spinone swallowed a nail. Throughout the diagnostic and surgical procedures, we were kept up to date and consulted every step of the way. When Chicolini was ready to be discharged many of the staff ventured forth to bid her well. There was no doubt she was made comfortable as we had to pull her away from the attending Vet. 

Fast forward to October 2016. Last week Chicolini was acting sickly. We consulted our local Vet who once again referred us to the Emergency Clinic for "fever of unknown origin." Immediately, some scary differentials were put on the table but always, we were provided with timely test results. We were kept in the loop at every step, and the Staff took much time to answer our endless questions. There are still some questions remaining about Chicolini's ailment, but we know they have our back if there is a relapse. 

We truly hope we won't have to make annual visits to your hospital (Chicolini better stay out of trouble) but if we do we trust that the care of our dogs will be stellar. 

Thank you,
Nina Verin and Mark Berman 

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