Demon's Story

A Siberian Husky dog, Demon, in the Parade of Titleholders. A collage of 3 images.

Demon in the Parade of Titleholders!

In mid-December (2014) we rushed "Demon" to the U of Minn because of a ruptured disk...and total paralysis of his back end....he was given a 50-50 chance of walking again. We gave him that chance. Here he is....just 4 1/2 months later walking around the show ring in the Parade of Title Holders at the Canadian National Specialty Show. Demon has regained full bowel and bladder control....he walks and runs....albeit not very gracefully....goes up & down steps...sometimes needing a wee bit of encouragement. But he is loving life! He will never be a show dog or a racing Siberian Husky again....but his quality of life is 100%. Thank You!

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