Deuce's Story

Doberman Pinscher, deuce restingDeuce is an amazing 5 year old Doberman Pinscher, the biggest baby and lover you will ever meet.

We were referred to the University by our local vet in January of 2015 after he was diagnosed with a nonspecific sarcoma that was growing on the inside of his chest. It caused him to bleed inside his lung, not breath well, and just not act himself. After taking him to the ER at the University he ended staying overnight in the ICU, the ER doctor told us his prognosis was very guarded. This was heartbreaking. He is so young, and he deserved a chance to live, we left feeling hopeless.

The next morning Dr. Balogh called and went over some stuff with us, giving us the pros and cons of surgery, what to expect, the complications and the fact the the tumor could be a very deadly type of sarcoma. He was honest, gave us his opinion, and let us make the decision. We went through with the surgery, and Deuce did amazing. Everyone was amazed at how well he was doing, everyone loved him. Dr. Balogh was able to remove the whole tumor (it was pretty big), plus he had to remove some ribs because the tumor was attached to it, and this will help reduce the risk of recurrence. The tumor came back as a high grade fibrosarcoma.

It has been 4 weeks since surgery and Deuce is back to normal. Running and playing, enjoying his life, like he did before he was diagnosed with cancer. Our battle is not over as Deuce will be undergoing chemo here in our home town, but he is the strongest dog we have ever met. He is a fighter, a champ, and deserves every possibility to have the best life possible.

My husband and I cannot express how thankful we are for the care that Dr. Balogh, the staff and everyone else that was involved in Deuce's care while at the University. The night we walked into the ER they were waiting for us. Everyone there cared and loved him like he was their own. We will be forever grateful. He is not just our dog, he is our baby.

Thank you so much, everyone, for the amazing care!!!!

Keri and Dustin Gloria

Doberman Pinscher, deuce sleepingDoberman Pinscher, deuce with owners and a puppy Doberman Pinscher, deuce, sitting near a cupcake that has a number 5 birthday candle on it.

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