Duke's - II - Story

On Monday, July 4, 2016, the doctors and staff at the U of M small animal hospital saved our dog, Duke's life.

 Things were winding down after a busy holiday weekend, and around 11:30, Duke came downstairs and basically let me know something was wrong. He nudged my hand and looked up at me with his wise and kind eyes. He then proceeded to pace, drool, and retch, his whole body convulsing, but he was unable to produce anything other than saliva and drool. My husband and I discussed various causes; perhaps he swallowed too much lake water the previous day, maybe it was prolonged nervousness about fireworks, maybe he got into something at the lake while we weren't looking. I encouraged my husband to call the emergency vet, and he consulted the Internet. He began reading about GDV. He didn't share this info with me, as he knew it would only make me frantic. He knew then, we needed to take him in right away. As we were loading Duke into the car, I noticed his belly was extremely distended.

 The staff acted quickly and efficiently upon arrival. Almost immediately, Duke was in fact diagnosed with a case of GDV. Both myself and my husband were completely unaware of this fatal and painful condition. We were reeling. The doctors handled delivering the news with firm, explicit explanation and confidence. Duke underwent surgery at 1 am, and at 4 am, the doctors called to tell us everything went very well. There was no damage to any major organs, and Duke should recover nicely. Anyone who owns pets knows how much they enrich and provide love and comfort in our lives. We have two boys, but in reality, we have three kids. Duke rides to school with me everyday when I drop the boys off. The smiles and waves of people we pass, is a reminder of how special and joyful Duke is.

 We were not ready to let him go, and thankfully, due to quick action, the amazing doctors and staff, and pure luck, we didn't have to.

 We are exceedingly grateful to Dr Bishoy Eskander who performed the surgery, and to Megan Tommet who provided tremendous love, care, and chicken! in the days following surgery. Duke asked after you both yesterday. 

 All our best,

 Bridget & Graham

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