Gertie's Story

Gertie, a small dog, stands near a card that says "1 year cancer free! Thank you VMC!"

Update Sept 10, 2013:  Suzanne is happy to report that Gertie remains cancer free 1-year after her original diagnosis.

A few months ago my dog Gertrude "Gertie" was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and elevated liver enzymes. My vet performed an ultrasound and biopsy that were negative; however, she continued to have symptoms so I sought answers from the VMC.

She was subsequently diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma and underwent a successful tumor resection. Dr. Keifer was able to remove the entire very large mass. Gertie is still in recovery mode (she only had surgery a few days ago), but I know she will continue to progress and be back to her old self soon.

I am thankful for all the great care Gertie received in the ICU and am so glad VMC was able to help my fur-child.

Thank you,

Gertie, standing, looking away

Gertie, a small brown dog, resting on a mat

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