Giadin's Story

Giadin, a large, black dog with white markings, stands with owner

Giadin was admitted to your hospital with a flipped stomach. After we brought him home I was so very grateful with his recovery and the way he was treated. Everyone who was involved with taking care of Giadin will forever be in our hearts!

We want to thank everyone so much from the four nurses who greeted him at the door to the people who took him outside for potty/walks, the x-ray people, doctors, surgeons, nurses, ICU staff, day and night staff, Care Credit and a very special thank you to Kara! Giadin was so happy and comfortable with you.

You always kept us up-to-date and always showed concern and a big heart when it came to Giadin. Thank you all! Even calling a few days after we had Giadin home really warmed our hearts! Anyone who had anything to do with helping Giadin, you are all amazing and forever in our hearts and we thank you!! Giadin is back to being his happy self again and we have all of you to thank!

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