Kobe's Story

MyVMC Story - Kobe's Story

This thank you is long overdue. In August of 2011, our Kobe became very sick in a matter of hours. He was unable to walk, the left side of his face was drooping and he seemed unable to see. As a first time puppy-mommy, I was petrified and rushed him to the vet.  Our vet ran preliminary tests and recommended that we take Kobe to the University of Minnesota immediately.  This was a three-hour car ride away. It was the beginning of the longest two days of our lives. Our vet called ahead to the U and made sure that all of Kobe's test results and records were waiting when we got there and the doctors were expecting us.  

From the moment we walked in the door, we were treated with compassion and respect.  Everyone that we spoke with was patient and truly seemed to care.  Not just about Kobe but also for me and my husband.  After a long afternoon and evening of testing, the basic diagnostic options had been exhausted and we were no closer to knowing what was wrong with Kobe. The next set of tests were both expensive and invasive for our boy. The staff took the time to explain all of our options. Even the ones that were too sad to begin to comprehend. They worked with us to find a way to pay when we made the decision to move forward with testing and helped us find a reasonable hotel for the evening that would allow us to have Kobe with us and also be near the hospital if something changed overnight as I could not bear to be away from him. The following day was one of waiting and more tests.  

In the end, Kobe was diagnosed with an infection in his brain causing his symptoms. The treatment that the doctors prescribed helped Kobe fully recover. His only lasting symptom is blindness in his left eye. Tomorrow, Kobe will turn eleven years old. In the time since his illness, Kobe has been a constant companion and warmth for both of us. This is a gift that we could never say thank you for enough. Bless each of you and the work that you do.


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