Koji's Story

Koji, a black Lab, looking directly at the cameraI wanted to write to update you on our black lab that we brought in 5 years ago with a foreign body intrusion infection in his chest. I forget the technical term. He had surgery there at the U to remove part of a lung and the mass of goo in his chest. Pet's name is Koji, date about April 2007. We never had to come back in so the records would be old.

He pulled through just fine and is now 10-1/2 years old. He has so far enjoyed another 5-1/2 years of great life and is still doing fine after being saved by you guys at the U. He has been a great hunter and great family companion through the extended lifespan he was granted by the care he received at the U of M.

Now at 10-1/2, he's slowing down a little like bigger older Labs do and he's getting gray on the muzzle, growing some fatty tumors and other lumps, bumps, etc, but at his age... It's not something you don't expect. He's still a happy and active dog, we're grateful for every day we get with him, and we're always mindful that he would have been gone over five years ago had we not brought him to the U of M when he had his major issue.

To make this better, I would have submitted a photo of him with the Gopher gear on, but he wouldn't stand for a hat on his head like Indy will.

Thanks for all you did for us and our lab Koji.

Matt & Rebecca

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