Kramer's Story

Black dog with tan and white markings, looking directly at the camera, looking very happy.

Veterinary behavior clinician Dr. Deb Bryant and her team (including Dana), have been helping us work through anxiety/separation anxiety issues with our rescue dog, Kramer. Through their guidance and expertise, Kramer is a totally different dog today than when we first got him earlier this year. He has gone from being depressed, withdrawn, and aloof, to happy, engaged, and excited to "be" a real dog again! Just a few examples of this include playing with toys for the first time, seeking out total strangers to pet him, learning how to relax when he's by himself - even wagging his tail just because he's happy.

While we will never know the extent of the damage that was done to him before we rescued him, we are thrilled to have a local team of professionals to work with. While we haven't yet completely conquered the separation anxiety in its entirety, we are well on our way and are noticing improvements every day. A big thank you to Dr. Bryant, Dana and the U of M behavior team.

Kelly and Mark

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