Larix's Story

Black and white dog resting on blankets

In July 2015, our 5-year-old dog, Larix, underwent surgery at the VMC to remove a surgical sponge that was left in her when she was spayed shortly before we adopted her in 2011. Larix is well on her way to a full recovery, but for about the last three years she exhibited signs of discomfort. Our private practice vet considered the possibility that the source of Larix’s discomfort was cystitis, or kidney or bladder stones, but these possibilities were never confirmed through tests. It wasn’t until July 2015 that we noticed a large mass on Larix’s abdomen. We consulted with our vet and the VMC staff. After Larix underwent tests at the VMC including, x-ray, ultrasound, testing samples of the mass, and a CT scan, the cause and nature of the mass could not conclusively be determined. However, the mass extended from her bladder through her abdominal wall and it was apparent that surgery was necessary to remove it.

Dr. Heffernan performed the surgery with assistance from Dr. Kramek. We are very grateful to Larix’s surgical team as well as Dr. Anderson who recommended them. So many VMC staff helped us during this stressful time, including interns Ehren Mclarty and Marissa Ruppel. It’s comforting to know that we have access to such great veterinary faculty, staff, and hospital. 

Thank you!
Patti and Dave

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