Libby M's Story

Picture of Libby, a white dog with black markings, with her owners holding an agility ribbon.

Since 2008, Libby and I have run agility. In spring of 2013 we earned our C-ATCH. Throughout that spring and summer something was off with her and we tried many things trying to figure it out. In November, we ended up at the U of M for an MRI of her neck, expecting to find a bulging disc that could be corrected surgically. What was found instead was cancer, meningioma in cervical spine. All I could see was that this was the end, and that she would never get to play her favorite game again. Meeting with Dr. Fritz in oncology gave us hope, and shortly after Libby began radiation treatments. She would spend the week at the VMC and I would pick her up for the weekends. She completed treatment right before New Years. We saw a significant improvement in her motor skills. In April she was cleared to return to agility. I moved her jump height down from 16 to 8 inches and after a couple exhibition runs, and some practice in the yard, we were ready go again. On October 18, 2014 Libby achieved something I never thought I would get to see, she earned her CS-ATCH. No small accomplishment for any dog, it was an extra special day for us. Thanks to all of the doctors, technicians and staff at the U of M VMC, Libby continues to enjoy a great quality of life and we will continue to play her favorite game.

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