Maggie's Story

Small, black dog standingTwo years ago we found about 5 fatty tumors on my now 14 year-old lab/spaniel mix. Her name is Maggie. My vet measured them and aspirated them, nothing cancerous or alarming. Just alarming for me, her devoted mother. Regular physical exams monitored their slow growth except for ONE that decided to steal focus and double, then triple in size in the last few months. When I would put her winter coat on, and give her a traditional pat down to make sure the coat was secure, the bulge on her chest was increasingly alarming; HUGER and HUGER. Then her left leg started to bow out and her mobility became compromised. Two tumors were merging and creating havoc.

After talking to my vet, and demanding the best of the best to do the surgery at the U, we trudged to our consult with heavy emotions. What if??? An old dog, anesthesia, recovery - all worries grinding in my head.

When Dr. Betty Kramek walked into the room, with her gray bob and Coach high-tops, I shrieked with glee. Then when she opened her mouth and being spewing her genius, I was so reassured.

Surgery day was rough on Mom, until Dr. Betty called and said it was all good. The lipoma was removed, not infiltrative (a huge worry,) BUT the size of a soccer ball. WHAT? Yes. My poor Maggie had hauled that thing around, never complaining, for all this time.

Upon bandage removal and inspection of the 7-8 inch incision, my vet moaned in ecstasy at the artistic genius that was Dr. Betty's closure of this gigantic wound. AND the pathology is indeed a confirmation of just a lipoma. We have had no problems whatsoever. Suture removal is Friday.

Maggie has a new lease on life. She is now able to climb stairs and usually gets up there way before we do. And her descent is floaty and graceful.

The staff was amazing, even tolerating my after-hours call to inquire as to how she was. Dr Betty ordered Maggie to go home the day after surgery. Her iron fist in velvet glove attitude informed me that dogs WANT to recover at home. SO, that's what we are doing. Our spring has now come. Glorious and new. I love her so much. And she is an inspiration. The things we can learn from our animals are astounding.


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