Nesta's Story

Nesta, a brown dog, resting on a sofa

I just wanted to send another thank you to the veterinary staff that diligently attended to my baby boy, Nesta. Back in July of 2010, Nesta was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease and underwent treatment and observation with you. The entire staff treated him like he was their own dog and throughout the process, the vet was always compassionate, but never sugar-coated any of the findings from the tests.

Nothing was too good for my dog and we brought him to the U because of our previous experience with the care you gave to my Cocker Spaniel, Steffi, when she was going through cancer on her spine. After the final tests that showed Nesta’s kidneys calcifying, we decided to bring him home for his last 3 days and spoil him and shower him with the love he selflessly gave to me and my family. What makes me smile the most, is how Nesta could touch so many people wherever he went.

The vet and the techs all were tearing up when they received the news we did. They sent us off with good tidings and the Nesta ate up the attention they gave to him like always does. Thank you again for going above and beyond in caring for the greatest dog to have walked the earth and allowing my family to rest assured that we did all we could for the boy.


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