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My Nicholas gave me such a scare on November 2nd, 2016.  Early in the morning, Nicholas was acting strange. He could hardly walk or hold his head up, then after a little while, he could not stand or walk...........

I rushed him to Animal Emergency Clinic in Oakdale, MN.  After an initial consultation, X-rays and blood work, they told me to take Nicholas to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Clinic.  The staff was waiting for us at the front desk.  They took Nicholas, and after some time, Dr. McVey came into a private waiting room and after viewing the MRI scan Dr. McVey told us that Nicholas was suffering from a crushed disc on his spinal cord. Nicholas was still under sedation, and I asked Dr. McVey to go ahead with the surgery.  We prayed and prayed that Nicholas would come through the surgery.   After what seemed like hours......, Dr. McVey told us everything went fine. Thank God.

I asked if we can see him, but recommended not at this time. He didn't look too good after surgery. 

We came every day while Nicholas was at the clinic to give him comfort.  Finally, Nicholas was able to come home on Saturday, November 5th.  Nicholas was confined in a small room with no playing, jumping, running for one month.  We slept with Nicholas on the floor every night for one month.  He is doing great today. It's going to be a wonderful Christmas with Nicholas with us.

It's an experience that I will never forget.  Nicholas had a second chance for a happy life. Today Nicholas is playing and being a loving Boston Terrier to our family.  I am in the process of having him lose some weight as he's a little overweight, according to the doctor....with less fewer treats. 

I thank everyone involved with the care Nicholas underwent.  Everyone was fantastic and thank you again Dr. McVey.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at Veterinary Medical Center, God bless you all.

Ray Garcia.

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