Oliver's Story

Oliver, a black, long-hair cat with white markings, sitting on a chair.

I adopted my sweet Oliver when he was 6 years old and we've been together for almost 9 years now. His association with the University Vet Clinic began when he needed some teeth extracted and my local vet detected a heart murmur during his exam. A cardiology referral resulted in the diagnosis of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Periodic visits helped to monitor his progress and he was in pretty good shape till last summer when a fairly significant change was noticed. His wonderful cardiologist Dr. Stauthammer prescribed medication which has been successful thus far.

Last summer we also discovered that Oliver has lymphoma, news which was simply devastating to me. However, with the excellent care of Dr. Bongard and Dr. Rigg he has been doing very well. I'm hopeful that we can keep the inevitable at bay for as long as possible. I am especially grateful to the ever-patient Dr. Bongard who allows me to phone her as often as needed to moderate the dosage of his medications and attentively listens to any concerns I may have.

From these caring veterinarians to the students to the office and reception staff, we have always been treated with compassion. When a pet needs medical care for serious conditions, this is the place to be! Thank you all for taking such loving care of Oliver.

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