Oreo's Story

Oreo, a small white dog with black ears and face, sitting on a sofa.

Our sweet, energetic, always get in the garbage (even though there was a child safety lock on it) Oreo ended up at the VMC on July 3, this year. The week prior, on Tuesday, he had gotten into the garbage and possibly at some kohlrabi skins or gum. By Thursday of that same week, he was throwing up. We took him to Akin Hills Pet Hospital (also wonderful) and they did x-rays to make sure there wasn't a blockage. They gave him some nausea medication and sent us on our way. Monday morning, the pet hospital called to check up on Oreo. He still wasn't eating but he wasn't throwing up either. Tuesday morning, they called again and this time, they said to bring him back in. 

As it turns out, Oreo started turning yellow. His liver levels were astronomically high and the pet hospital said that he needed more help than what they were able to give and gave us the number and map to the VMC. We called, got an appointment, and took Oreo up to the VMC around 7 that night and were greeted by the most wonderful people. In fact, as we walked in the door, the receptionists said, "This must be Oreo." The doctor who saw Oreo that night was amazing in a very difficult situation. She told us everything we needed to know. Gave us some hope, and patiently answered all our questions. She was the reason we decided to make sure Oreo got the medical attention he needed, even though the cost was going to be high.

Oreo spent the next five nights in the ICU for his treatment of pancreatitis. The doctors were amazingly wonderful; in fact the student Elizabeth that was working with Oreo as well was phenomenal! It was very easy to leave Oreo in the care of the ICU because we could tell he was being taken good care of, as well as loved. Not only did they keep us well informed about Oreo and how he was doing, but they were also very conscientious in our financial issues and helped us receive a grant to continue his care.

Oreo finally came home to us on that Sunday. He is slowly getting better and becoming the old Oreo that attacks your face with kisses when you are laying down. Thank you so much, VMC for your wonderful care of Oreo!

Stacy and Patrick

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