P!nk's Story

MyVMC Story - P!nk's Story

We want to thank everyone so much, more than we could ever say for saving our cat P!nk. P!nk is a 9 year old Sphynx Hairless cat. She is our love, our baby. We took her to our vet Dr. Sanford at Minneapolis Veterinary Hospital because she was coughing. We all thought it was an upper respiratory issue or an asthma problem. Dr. Sanford asked if we wanted to do a chest x-ray and I said “Yes, lets do to be sure." He came back with the results after a few minutes and said she has a tumor in her lung. I was devastated to hear this, and I sort of went into shock.

I remember him making the appointment at the U of M, and from then on I was worried and stressed to the max. When we got to the appointment at the U, they were very organized and told us that they wanted to take some tests to see if it was cancer. We dropped her off a couple of days later for the testing. When we came back the next day to pick her up we were told that they thought it was cancer, the best we could do to keep P!nk alive was to have a lobectomy (removing part of her lung). I understood it was going to be difficult. They told us the operation could be done through the side which is less painful but they may have to cut her ribs in the front to get at the tumor, depending on what they see. The outcome was going to be a possible 1-year extension to her life, but it could be longer or shorter. If we did not do the surgery, she may live only a very short time.

I could tell she was feeling really bad and I was afraid for her. P!nk has always been a sweet, stubborn diva cat, and she stays by my side at all times. I didn’t want to put her through the pain of surgery, but I wanted her to have a chance to live. We decided to go forward with the surgery. While we waited for the day scheduled I noticed her going downhill very quickly and I was scared. Her day came, and we brought her in. The staff was in contact with me frequently to keep me updated. Finally, the doctor called me when it was done. The surgery went well she was okay, they did not have to go through the front, and the tumor was really odd. It contained liquid, gas, and material, it was necrotic. They sent it off to be identified. She was in the hospital, and we were told it was not best to visit her the first night. The next night we went to see her, and she had a long incision on her side, and she was on lots of pain meds, but she was still glad to see us. She spent another night in the hospital, and we were to pick her up the next evening.

We were excited to get her home and had made many arrangements for her recovery. We packed up our little boy Sphynx named Blv, and he moved into my boyfriends house for a couple of weeks. I live in a loft wth open floor plan, and the doctor wanted her to be still and not to jump around. The only room with a door was the bathroom. So, I made the bathroom into her room. Both cats normally sleep wth me every night, and I knew she would be crying in the bathroom all night, knowing I was in the bed. So I bought a fold out mattress and made myself a bed next to her in the bathroom. We were going to live there for 2 weeks.

We finally got to the hospital to pick her up, and she was looking much better already. The doctor told us they had gotten the test results back and told us it was not cancer, it was an abscess. I nearly screamed for joy. I was floored by this news. I was in my mind, I was planning to have a little bought time with her, but an ending was going to come too soon. I was overjoyed. We had made the correct decision. They got rid of the problem, and she was going to live a normal life. She has been a champ, she has made a beautiful recovery, and we are so proud of her. It was the best prayer answered that I could have asked for. We want to thank everyone who helped with P!nk during her stay. I also want to acknowledge and thank the Sphynx Facebook Group for all their love and support. This group has been amazing, and hundreds of people were praying for us. Sphynx owners are a special group of people and we love our babies and each others babies also. I can’t be more grateful, and I was happy to call Dr. Sanford to tell him the great outcome. Thank you again for blessing us with your wonderful help. One love to you all! Jah blesses us.

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