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UPDATE—It's now been 5 months since Pre was hit by a car and had surgery at the U of M and he now uses his bad foot! Periodically he lifts it to run, but it's clear that he will one day have 100% use of it! We do have to keep a booty on the foot and a cone on when we aren't around because he's having a hard time letting it heal.

It was hard to get use to his tail being gone, but seeing his butt wiggle has more than made up forit! He loves playing fetch with his tiger and raccoon; he could literally go for hours if we would keep throwing it!

We are so happy to have our little cuddle bug back! Thank you guys again for all the work you do!

MyVMC Story - Asset - Pre

On Monday June 27th, 2016 my 8 year old labradoodle Pre was run over by a car. The front drivers side tire had gone on top of his hind end, the driver had to reverse to set Pre free. He suffered from a broken pelvis and a broken tail. Pre spent four days at our regular vet’s office with Dr. Anderson. Two days after the accident his hind legs went numb, that morning our vet gave him a steroid injection hoping that it was just swelling compressing his spinal cord. Dr. Anderson told us if there was no improvement by the next morning, she would recommend putting him to sleep. By the end of the day, there was no improvement. That night we prepared ourselves for the worst. The next morning at 7:30 am my entire family went and said our goodbyes. An hour later we received a call from the vet letting us know that he had made miraculous improvement from the day before and that if he continued this improvement, she would recommend the surgery. 

On Friday, July 1st he was approved for the surgery by our vet. Dr. Anderson referred us to the U o M. The next morning he was taken to the cities by my parents to be further examined and hopefully have the surgery. After a few more x-rays and examinations, Pre was approved for surgery! He went into surgery Sunday morning and the surgery that was supposed to take 2-3 hours ended up taking 5. His tail had to be amputated, a plate and 6 screws placed in his pelvis, and a drain to prevent infection placed in this rear left leg. After a long week of being unsure, we were so thankful that Dr. Eskander and the rest of the staff worked on the holiday weekend to fix our puppy. Pre stayed overnight and got to go home the next afternoon. 

Pre was on kennel rest for 6 weeks following surgery, most of this time he had to be sedated. Pre was still severely bruised and not using his rear right leg when he arrived home. He was very sore the first few weeks, sometimes even biting us when we tried to pick him up. Near the end of the six weeks it was hard to keep Pre still. We took him for walks in a wagon that we borrowed from our neighbor and sat outside on the back patio with him almost every day. It was hard to watch our playful boy in so much pain, but we did everything we could to make him feel normal again. 

It is now August 30th (8 weeks post op) and Pre is getting around amazingly well! He still hasn’t used the rear right leg, but in a few weeks he can start physical therapy to help with that. Pre is so eager to start playing again, whenever you let him out of his kennel he almost immediately brings you his ball or his stuffed tiger to play fetch with. 

Going from thinking you lost your first dog, to playing fetch with him two months later is more than I could’ve ever hoped for. I’m so thankful for his surgeon Dr. Eskander and the rest of the team that worked with him. The care that they showed for Pre will never be forgotten. The recovery process is still ongoing, but having him home and seeing him happy again is truly priceless!

Again, thank you.

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