Ritz's Story

Ritz, a Pit Bull, with owner; resting in a kennel; during recovery: dog resting, showing scar, and rope toy.

This is Ritz! He's a happy little Pitbull. My husband Wade and I noticed he was throwing up a lot the other day (well, the middle of the night, actually) and put a call into the VMC @ the U of M. They told to come in right away. Glad we did! Ritz ended up spending a full day in the ICU before going to surgery with Dr. Kohler. He had to open our little guy's intestines in 2 places to get out what was causing the problem. Turns out, it was his rope toy! So I encourage everyone to watch their pups VERY closely with those kinds of toys. Better to not even buy them! It very nearly killed our beloved Ritz.

We are one-day post op today, and Ritz is doing great! He even went #2 this morning, so all systems are up and running! He has a lot of healing left to do but so far so good! He will be back to chasing his black lab and coon hound sisters, Wednesday and Adrian again very soon! Thank you for saving our puppy! We are forever grateful!

~Crystal, Wade, Adrian, Wednesday and Ritz

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