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Rosie, our one-and-a-half-year-old hound mix, ate a whole bowl of raisins, which can cause acute kidney failure in dogs. We rushed her to the emergency medical center, where she was admitted and set up in the ICU with IV fluids for two nights. We missed Rosie and worried about her, and when we went in during "visiting hours," it felt awful to see her with the IV in her leg. However, when the vet tech came to take her back to the ICU for the night, Rosie went with her happily without looking back at us.

Rosie recovered well with no damage to her kidneys and was back home with us within two days. The staff at VMC truly understand what it is like to have a beloved pet with a medical emergency. From the receptionist to the emergency clinic vet to the vet techs we worked with, everyone was kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. They explained everything to us and helped us make informed decisions about Rosie's care. Now we know not to leave raisins sitting out on the coffee table, and Rosie is home with us, safe and sound!

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