Ruby's Story

Ruby, a black dog with white facial markings, peeking around a bench.

Nearly two years ago our dog Ruby ruptured a disc while chasing a toy in our yard. One moment she was running, the next she was skidding on her tail. I'll never forget the look she gave me: What's wrong? Help me, I trust you!

We rushed her to her vet, Dr. Tarin Rose, who immediately sent us to the University. There Dr. Kevin Haynes performed surgery to remove the disc. Our crazy dog who as puppy could almost jump over our 6 foot fence, who thought the kitchen table was a fine place to stretch out, who was a most efficient killer of rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional fledgling, now had paralyzed hind legs and and a paralyzed bladder. But she was alive! 

Several months before we got Ruby I had lost, within a few weeks, my wonderful, extraordinary Mom and, for the second time in a row, a young dog, my precious Border Collie mix, Rounder. My heart was broken and Ruby was great medicine. The prospect and expense of caring for her was daunting. But I owed her and I needed her. 

So, it is with the utmost sincerity and gratitude that I send my thanks to EVERYONE who has been involved in her care. We could not manage her without the expertise, support, compassion, and encouragement we have received from all of you. We are lucky to have the means and will to keep her going. But neither of those things would matter if we didn't have the resources of the Veterinary Medical Center. You all do an amazing job!

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