Sami's Story

Sami, a tan Dachshund, sitting on a chair and resting, with paws over her nose.

Our dachshund mix, Sami, (female) began getting sick on Thursday morning about 0400. She doesn’t usually get up in the middle of the night to go out, but tonight she woke me. She had a soft stool, very unusual for her.

She had another very loose stool in the morning so I called the vet (not VMC) and got her in that day. They were great at treating her and we went home with meds. The diarrhea continued all night, up at least every hour, watery stool noted.

I called the vet at 0800 Friday to let them know the diarrhea was every hour. They told me to give it 24hrs for the meds to kick in…. I called at 1400 and was told they would relay message to vet and she would get back to me. By 1700 no call came, so I called back and was told they were open to 1900 and the vet would get back to me. A little after 7 pm she called and I was told that I could take Sami to and ER clinic if I felt it was needed. Sami was “acting” fine and sometime would have a very soft stool, no liquid stool.

I called the vet at 0730(Sat) to say she probably should be seen again, they said they had an appt. at 0800 ( I live 30-45 mins away) so I knew I could not make that. We were given a 1430 appt. There was a relief vet on for the clinic and he was excellent. Did more labs and results leaned towards pancreatitis….scary. By now it was about 1630. The receptionist was great, tried to find us an ER clinic that could see her. The vet suggested an ultrasound. So now it is early Saturday evening, the night before Easter. All the places she called had no one to read an ultrasound.

I called VMC on my own and was told they could do a fast scan if needed. It was raining and cold and the drive was about 40 mins away. By now it was about 1830. We left the vets and headed to U of MN.

We were greeted immediately and a vet tech came out ASAP and interviewed us and checked Sami over. She sat on the ground and I thought this was awesome….getting to Sami’s level. She took Sami to the exam room. Next we were seen by a 4th year student, who was also great. Such professionalism. (I have to say here that I do not remember anyone’s name. I was so scared for Sami) She also interviewed us for a medical history and the events of the last few days. Tests were run after everything was explained to us.

We were taken into the exam room and met with the vet and student. Plan of care was discussed. Sami would be given subq fluids and medication for home. No scan needed. We were told it would take 24-48 hrs for the antibiotic to work. Well, today is Tuesday morning. Finally Sami has had a somewhat formed stool. I know she is on the mend.

Not sure what caused all of this, maybe a parasite, bacteria, any number of things. It also could be that we gave her a very tiny piece of pork. So sad if this was the case. No more table scraps for our girl!!! Lesson learned even if that was not the cause.

All in all, our experience with VMC was extraordinary. What a awesome place. If the clinic were closer, this would become our home vet!!!

Thanks to all the staff. Thank you again and again!

PS, if our vet would have called sooner on Friday, maybe all of this could have been taken care of sooner. I am very disappointed in them and will seek care elsewhere. Wish it could be U of MN

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