Sammy's Story

Sammy, a Golden Lab puppy resting on a dog bed with toys

My VMC Story is just a little thank you for the Small Animal Emergency staff. My husband and I recently adopted our first dog... Sammy, a 4 month old golden lab rescue. After a quick outing on Saturday evening, we returned home to find that little Sammy was quite sick. As new puppy parents, we were a little uncertain about some of his symptoms and what to do to help him. It didn't help that we still didn't have complete records from the pet adoption agency. After a call to the after-hours line of our regular vet clinic was inconclusive, we called the VMC and decided to bring him in late Saturday night.

Everyone we encountered was wonderful and generous and helpful. From Ester (I believe...) at the reception desk and Lauren (I believe...) the vet tech, to Dr. Andrew Marsh, we couldn't have asked for better service... for us and for Sammy. Although Sammy's condition was ridiculously minor compared to what clinic staff must normally see, everyone was patient and kind. They answered all our questions, spent plenty of time with us, and didn't make us feel bad for being puppy parent hypochondriacs. :) We were able to take Sammy home with absolute confidence that he was in good shape...which made for a very restful night/weekend.

It is so reassuring to know that we have such great care so nearby. I hope we never have to use your services for a real emergency... but I know Sammy will be in the best of hands should we have to return! :)

Many thanks to all of you!

Emily and Jay (& Sammy too!)

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