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During routine lab work prior to planned skin mass removals, elevated liver values were noted for Scooby, our then 9-year-old Rat Terrier In Bismarck, ND. After further tests, Scooby’s local Veterinarian suspected hepatocellular carcinoma and strongly encouraged us to take Scooby to U of M. With Scooby’s best interest in heart always, we took the trip to U of M in February 2016, amidst a ND blizzard where we met with Dr. Allen.

Being away from home and concerned for the health of my Scooby, I was terrified and lost; however, from the moment we walked in the door, we were treated like “FAMILY” especially Scooby. I instantly felt at ease, which made the surgery decision an easy one for my husband and me. Another one of the staff members that really sticks out was wearing a walking boot, and I still kick myself for not getting her name; but anyway, she gave us beads to wear for good luck. BIG SMILE.

The surgeons were able to remove one mass; however, during surgery, another mass was located that was inoperative. After a very short stay, we were headed back to Bismarck where we would monitor the remaining mass. In October 2016, Scooby’s local Veterinarian felt it was time that we return to U of M to meet with oncology to discuss options and chemo. I was on the phone immediately scheduling the visit because nowhere in the universe would I feel more comfortable with the treatment and compassion that U of M has shown Scooby and our family.

So amidst yet ANOTHER ND blizzard in December 2016, we were headed back to U of M where we met with Dr. Cannon. Again, we were treated exactly the same way we were during the first visit even though this was a whole new set of doctors and team. Everything is explained in complete detail making sure that I understood everything, which is not easily done when dealing with your sick child. YES, Scooby is my child, and that’s how the U of M treat him.

We have been dealing with health issues for my husband, and absolutely none of the doctors or hospitals have given even a fraction of care and treatment to him that the U of M has given to our Scooby. Scooby started chemo on December 26, 2016, and he is a champ! We will be headed back to U of M in March of 2017, to show the doctors that Scooby is kickin this cancer’s hiney and we look forward to the visit. Hopefully not during a 3rd blizzard.

Eternally grateful,
Bob, Pam, Scooby and Shaggy (Scooby’s brother)

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