Seamus' Story

Seamus, a Golden Retriever, resting on a blue blanket.I want to express my gratitude for all the excellent care my dog, Seamus, received at the clinic. I switched to the Veterinary Medical Center a couple of years ago as my dog’s primary provider. I had expected that Seamus would get high-quality, state-of-the-art medical care. He certainly did. All the technicians, students, and veterinarians who saw my dog seemed exceptionally well-prepared and knowledgeable. The appointments and reception staff were also very efficient and helpful.

But what really impressed me, and what I hadn’t expected, was the kindness and attention that everyone paid to Seamus (and to me). I guess I had pictured an efficient but somewhat impersonal clinic. What I encountered was a group of patient, attentive and warm people who saw my dog as an individual. 

Seamus had a lot of medical problems during the last years of his life, so I saw many different veterinarians. All of them were very good at explaining treatment options and answering questions. I would particularly like to mention Dr. Flynn, who always remembered Seamus from previous visits, and who stopped in the hallway to see him when he was in for one of his last visits. 

I think the Veterinary Medical Center is an outstanding clinic and I would recommend it to anyone who values a dog or cat.

Thank you,

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