Seoul's Story

MyVMC Story - Seoul's Story

The U of M Nutrition Clinic and Dr. Churchill and Cassie Panning have been instrumental in getting my kitten Seoul on the right track with his stomach issues!  For several months before our appointment with Nutrition, my rescue kitten had been having chronic vomiting, diarrhea, and inappetence.  We did numerous x rays, ultrasound, blood work and prescription diets but nothing could tell us what was wrong with him.  After spending almost 2 hours with Dr. Churchill and Cassie, we decided on a course of probiotics to be added to his current diet and followed up with a hydrolyzed diet if the probiotics didn't help at all or enough.  

Much to my surprise and joy, the probiotics have stopped the vomiting, increased his appetite and almost eliminated occasional diarrhea!  He is growing, playing and acting much more like an average 9-month-old kitten.  He was originally rescued by Feline Rescue and then came to my house as a foster kitten with his sisters.  The U of M "rescued" him from his chronic tummy troubles!  

Thank you!


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