Sully's Story

Two cream colored Lhasa apso dogs sitting and looking up.

In 2003, we came to the U and had surgery performed on my Lhasa apso "Sully". He was 2 years old, and shattered a disc in his back. (I will never forget the days spent at the U of M; the entire staff was incredible.) I just felt compelled to share his story.

He is doing FANTASTIC, and is happy, loving and sweeter than ever!! He has a normal functioning life; all his bodily functions/controls came back as well. I have sent a picture of him and his sister Maddy, 10 years later. Thank you for your amazing work and kind heart.

He is happy, & living a wonderful life thanks to your veterinarians and your amazing staff. Please feel free to use this letter, picture and videos, to help anyone in need, or are, or may be questioning the success of surgery.

I am a firm believer in listening to the doctors’ orders and advice and it paid off 110%!! Sully and I did our rehab every day, 3 or 4x a day…more, if time permitted. It was a very tight schedule to keep, having a busy life as it was, now having a paralyzed member of our family, because 2 weeks after Sul had his surgery, his sister had a litter of pups! Believe me, "Uncle Sully" was very patient and good about 5 lil puppies making noise - he hardly had quiet, peaceful rest. So, between rehab and crying nieces and nephews in the swimming pool in the same room as his crate, it wasn't a quiet household.

I was so appreciative of everything everyone did at the hospital. And, I definitely appreciated your follow up phone call as well 4 weeks post-surgery.

Today, Sul-bonz is doing better than I expected…he walks, runs, plays, and enjoys everyday life. However, he IS a Lhasa (so stubborn is his middle name). He still forgets from time to time and thinks he can do whatever he pleases, so I am constantly watching to see what his "agenda" is for the moment, but he rarely leaves my sight. (Baby gates are a must to prevent those thoughts from going into action, stairs especially.)

He is a healthy 25 lbs for his big frame. Last vet check, Dr said on a scale of 0-9 he's a 4. I introduced the raw diet 5 years ago, due to health and food-allergy issues; his weight and health has even more so improved. His muscle tone is amazing; he’s made major improvements in his abilities as well.

(He "randomly" takes a half a rimadyl, 12.5 mg on rainy days; I see his hips and knees are giving him trouble, but definitely on a random basis, and no major signs of back pain or issues.) Last week they had their yearly check-up and dental. Our vet seems pleased and impressed with their overall health for their age.

I hope you find great pride in the video to see that what you do, and have done, makes a difference. Thank you for giving my family the greatest 10 years we didn't think we would have had otherwise, with our "Sully Bonz".


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