Summer's Story

Summer, a white, gray and brown Husky resting, curled up on a sofa

My beloved eight year old Husky, Summer, was in perfect health until she suddenly developed severe internal bleeding into her abdomen. She was hospitalized in the ICU at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital from 1/18/14 to 1/26/14, with severe anemia under the care of surgical resident Dr. Kohler.

CT scan demonstrated a large tumor involving her left kidney, as well as extensive internal bleeding. Thankfully this tumor was localized to the kidney, without evidence of invasion to other structures. This was successfully surgically removed and the pathology report returned with a diagnosis of renal adenocarcinoma. She was stabilized by Dr. Kohler and the amazing ICU staff and thankfully discharged home yesterday. She will soon follow up with the oncology service. She is currently resting comfortably at home and will receive regular monitoring by her outpatient doctor. 

I have taken my dogs over the years to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital and feel my dogs have always received excellent care. Dr. Kohler spent a lot of time talking with me and explaining in whatever detail I needed exactly what was going on with Summer throughout her hospitalization. I have medical training myself, and he was very willing to patiently answer all of my questions - and I had many, many questions. He personally called me twice per day with updates and even came in on his days off to check on Summer. Not only is he an outstanding veterinarian and surgeon, he is also an exceptional human being. 

I do not know how much time I have left with Summer. It could be days, weeks, months, I'm hoping years. Dr. Kohler and the team at this hospital gave Summer the chance to fight for her life, and in so doing, gave me the chance to have more time with her. From this day going forward - Summer and I will celebrate our lives together.

With gratitude,

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