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MyVMC Story - Titus


Dear Doctors, Nurses and Staff at the Veterinary Medical Center:

On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, Titus (my 5-year-old Gordon Setter) and I arrived at the Medical Center.   Titus was in respiratory distress and my local veterinarian here in Aberdeen, SD, told me he was deteriorating, and he felt he could not handle the problem adequately.  Dr. Cooper recommended I take him to the VMC.  I agreed and so Titus and I made the 6-hour trip.  From the minute we arrived, the care and compassion shown to Titus was absolutely amazing.  Titus was placed in an oxygen cage immediately and other measures taken to make sure he survived. It was determined Titus was having a spontaneous pneumothorax and it was serious.  Two days after arrival on Friday, November 18, after a CT scan was performed, it was decided immediate surgery was necessary to save his life.  The surgery was almost 3 hours, and the surgeons had to saw through his chest and sternum to remove a portion of his lung.  I was told the episode may have been precipitated by pheasant hunting in very dense cover and Titus sucked in dust, dirt, cattail debris, and seeds. Titus and I left for home (Aberdeen) on Monday, November 21. 

Titus is recovering remarkably well, and he is back at his usual habit of hogging the bed.   

The five days at the VMC was exhausting for me and quite emotional.  I was a wreck emotionally I will have to admit.  As a single person, Titus and the other two Gordons who live with me (Micah and Tavish) are my family.  The understanding of my emotional state which  I ALSO received from the Doctors and Nurses who took care of Titus was very much appreciated.  I am very thankful and grateful to everyone who assisted with the recovery of my Titus boy.  My sincere thanks and may the blessing of God (and St. Francis of Assisi) be upon all of you. 

I am attaching a photo of Titus.

 Thomas L. Hopper

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