Tootsie's Story

Tootsie, a chocolate brown dog, wearing a recovery collar, rests on a blanket in front of a fireplace.A big thank you to Dr. Stauthammer and his cardiology team for providing excellent care and love to our beloved Tootsie. A week ago, Tootsie underwent a PDA occlusion surgery, to fix a congenital heart defect which was very serious. We are now confident that we will enjoy Tootsie for many years past the possible one or so years she may have lived, if Dr. Stauthammer and his team did not intervene!

We can’t thank everyone enough for promptly diagnosing the problem, answering all the little questions that we’ve had since, and continue to have, and for being proactive in finding ways to treat such issues with minimally invasive procedures, such as what Tootsie was able to have. 

Now, if we can just have her try not to run and jump for two weeks!! Glad that she is feeling up to the challenge!

Thank you very much!

Tootsie, a chocolate brown dog, sits, looking through the clear recovery collar she is wearing.Tootsie, a chocolate brown dog, wearing a clear recovery collar, rests on a gray blanket.

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