Twinkie's Story

Twinkie, a dark brown and white Newfoundland, sitting on a blanket outside

This is our "child" Twinkie. She is a one year old Newfoundland. In October we started to notice that Twinkie just was not herself. She would not eat as much as usual, she would not play catch and she would cry when she was faced with stairs or the need to get in or out of a vehicle. 

We took her to our local vet where the vet told us she has hip dysplasia. We were given the options to either attempt to manage it but see her in pain or see if she could have surgery to correct it. This is where Dr. Haynes and the U of M Vet Team came into the picture. He has a Newfie himself, so he understood what was going on, which helped greatly.

Twinkie had various x-rays and blood tests completed to ensure that they were diagnosing her correctly and although it caused a few tears with not knowing what to do or what was next, everyone at the VMC understood our pain. Dr. Haynes was amazing with answering every single question that I had big or small, he was quick to return phone calls and was understanding of me not knowing what to do. Twinkie ended up having a TPO procedure on her right hip. We knew she was in good hands when I dropped her off the morning of her surgery. 

It has taken 8 long weeks for our baby to recover, but she is back to being one active dog. This experience gave us the chance to bond with Twinkie even more, being that she was on strict activity restrictions for 5 weeks, a lot of cuddle time happened along with a lot of tears. It hurts to see your dog in pain and you cannot do anything about it. But, we knew with time it would heal and she would be a happy dog.

With the help and care of Dr. Haynes and his wonderful team at the VMC, Twinkie is playing with tennis balls and looking forward to car rides, again. Thank You to everyone at the VMC, this place is truly amazing. 

Twinkies Parents 

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