Wrenley's Story

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We brought our 1-year-old golden retriever, Wrenley, to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center when she began vomiting nonstop for several hours. The moment we walked in the door, we were met with warm, compassionate staff. They triaged Wren into the emergency department and made sure she was stable immediately. We had a game plan very quickly and the doctors and students were honest, compassionate and professional. Even when a blockage was detected, the doctors were not quick to go right to surgery. They chose the safest treatment plans (endoscopy and then monitoring with surgery as the last resort) and Wren was actually able to pass the blockage on her own! We've experienced intestinal surgeries with our other pets, so we are so grateful that Wren did not have to suffer through that difficult and sometimes dangerous recovery period. Now, two days later, she is already 100% back to her normal, spunky self! Thank you, VMC, for the wonderful happy ending!

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