Oncology & Radiation Therapy

Veterinarian with veterinary technician


The Oncology Service offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for pets with cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Staffed by a dedicated team of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and researchers, the oncology group gives loving care for pets with cancer, and conducts advanced research, often in collaboration with investigators studying similar cancers in humans.

Additionally, the oncology group offers help dealing with difficult medical decisions and end of life care through Veterinary Social Services.

Experimental studies:

Participation in clinical studies may reduce the costs of diagnostics and treatments in qualified cases.

Special Equipment:

Pinancle Expert3 Radiation Therapy Planning System
MOSAIQ Record & Verify System
10 MEv Linear Accelerator (Radiation Therapy)

Useful Information:

We provide all clients with an estimate of prognosis and explain both curative-intent and palliative care options. Clients can expect a discussion of potential benefits and side effects as well as an estimate of costs for any therapies proposed.