Jack's story

JackJack was seen on September 4th, 2019 for a consult with the Oncology Department. He was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor that was removed weeks prior by our regular veterinarian. Despite his very good histopath results, I opted to go to the University of Minnesota for a consultation as I still was feeling very worried and had some (A LOT) of questions.

We saw Dr. Able who was very knowledgeable in regards to this type of cancer and answered all of my questions respectfully and honestly. She made me feel good knowing that I have done everything I can at this point and that monitoring for new lumps is the most important thing moving forward.

Unfortunately, no one knows the answer of when this cancer will come back, where it will come back, and if it'll be life threatening or not, but Dr. Able made me feel hopeful and a little more at peace to be able to move on from this and to continue enjoying life with Jack.

Cancer is scary and no one typically wants to have an appointment with the Oncology Department, but I'm thankful that Dr. Able and the rest of the staff made our first Oncology visit a good one!

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