Refer a Small Animal Patient

Problem solving

  • Call the Customer Contact Center at 612-626-VETS (8387) if you do not receive information on your patient in a timely manner.
  • Concerns may be discussed with the Director of Customer Service at 612-624-1408.

Make a small animal referral to the Veterinary Medical Center

You may refer small animal patients to us in one of four ways:

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Fill out the referral form completely and attach the medical record and fax to 612-624-8779 or email to
  • Please do not write "see enclosed records". Use our forms whenever possible to make certain our clinicians have all the information they need.
  • Indicate whether you are referring for a consultation, diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment, or second opinion.
  • Confirm all phone numbers for owners before making referrals to avoid a delay in processing the appointment.
  • If anesthesia is anticipated, send the results of lab work completed within the previous month.
  • Send a copy of the medical record and appropriate radiographs with the client. When at all possible, please send radiographs as original DICOM (.dcm) image files. If you are unsure how to do this, it may be necessary for you to contact your vendor. We are unable to accept View Only links from the Cuattro Cloud. Please ensure any image submitted are clearly labeled with the Patient Name AND the date the images were made. 
  • If your digital radiography equipment has the ability to send to another server, you may send the images directly to a server we have setup for referring providers to send to:

IP Address/Hostname:
AE Title: D6541
Port Number: 4006

  • For liability reasons, please do not send photographs of radiographs or photographs of digital images. Please send the original images. If you are unable to send them with the client, please contact the Customer Contact Center for information on how you can send your digital images to us. If you have analogue radiograph film, please send them with the client or mail them prior to the appointment.


  • Our fee increases usually occur in July. We will make every effort to provide you with an updated list of costs for common procedures.

After-hours referrals

  • Call Emergency Services, 612-626-VETS (8387), to arrange emergency referrals after hours.
  • Emergencies are defined as a medical incident or condition which, if not treated immediately, would result in long-lasting morbidity or mortality.
  • Non-emergent referrals should be arranged during our normal business hours.
  • Specialists are available for consultations via the emergency service after hours or on weekends.