Dog Walker Crew

Volunteer Position Description: Dog Walker Volunteer

Oncology Dog Walker Volunteer—Immediate Openings


Volunteers play an important role in providing a comforting atmosphere for the animal patients during their stay at VMC. This volunteer is situated in the wards area and takes responsibility for exercising hospitalized patients and providing them with extra attention.

Responsibilities include:

  • Handling only those patients designated by staff
  • Walking patient dogs, observing and reporting what the animal does while it is outside (behaviors including elimination)
  • Notifying the staff of concerns that may arise
  • Giving extra TLC to patients such as hand feeding, brushing, sitting with them, offering water to a recumbent animal
  • Taking work direction in a respectful, timely manner

Volunteer shifts are Monday-Friday; AM Shift is from 10-11am; PM shift is from 2-3pm.


Must be 18 years of age, up to date with Tetanus and Rabies Series shots.

Must complete orientation; willing to commit one shift a week, for 6 months (include a one month probation period).

VMC Training

Initial training and on-going in-service is provided by staff supervisor, volunteer manager, and other staff.