Volunteer Position Description

Ultrasound Volunteer


Volunteers play an important role in assisting the ultrasound staff in taking care of patients undergoing ultrasound procedures. As the volunteers provide this extra support, the staff is freed up and able to better provide direct care for the animals. Volunteers’ primary contact is with the staff and animals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Bringing stable (and good temperament) patients from the wards or from clients waiting in the Medical Imaging waiting area to ultrasound, at the discretion of the ultrasound technician.
  • Assisting the ultrasound technician in transporting non-ambulatory patients from ER, ICU or the wards to ultrasound by pulling a wagon, pushing a cart or by pushing an IV pole. 
  • Providing "dedicated" restraint to ultrasound patients who are either lying on their backs or on their sides.
  • "Dedicated" restraint means that the restrainer is focused on the animal and offers a calming attitude, quiet voice and gentle touch that helps the animal relax.
  • It will be up to the discretion of the ultrasound technician to determine which animals will be restrained by volunteers and where the volunteer will handle the animal (at the head or at the rear legs or both).
  • If a patient requires special monitoring, such as sedated patients or those needing guided biopsies, the volunteer may be asked to move to another case, to allow the clinician and student to monitor the patient.
  • Volunteers must be able to feel comfortable observing fine needle aspirates or cystocentesis procedures performed on ultrasound patients, while involved in restraint.
  • Cleaning the procedure area (table, restraint tools, floor, etc.) as instructed by the ultrasound technician.
  • Monitoring the supply of clean terry cloth towels in the ultrasound room, by delivering dirty towels to Central Sterilization and returning clean towels to ultrasound.
  • Maintaining a positive, courteous attitude; providing support and feedback to staff.

This position takes work direction from ultrasound staff.


Volunteer shifts are Monday-Friday; AM shift is from 9am-12:30pm, PM shift is from 12:30-4:30pm.


Must be 18 years of age, up to date with Tetanus and Rabies Series shots.
Must complete orientation/training; willing to commit one shift a week, for 6 months (include a one month probation period).
Must be able to lift with the same guidelines listed on a veterinary technician job description.

VMC Training

Initial training and on-going in-service is provided by staff supervisor, volunteer manager, and other staff.