Review the fee structure below and indicate on the sample submission form which service(s) you are interested in. 

Test Cost Notes
Flow Cytometry $182.00
  • If multiple tissues (lymph nodes or liver and spleen) are thought
    to be affected by the same process, aspirates can be combined.  
  • There is NO charge associated with insufficiently cellular samples.
Flow Cytometry – STAT*


($182.00 + $69.00)

  • A STAT fee applies to any samples received on a Friday or Saturday.  This fee is passed along to our DVM student lab workers for the processing of after-hours / weekend samples.  
Flow Cytometry + CBC

($182.00 + $72.00)

  • A CBC (performed within 48 hours) is needed to analyze peripheral blood samples.  
  • Include either CBC results or an additional EDTA (purple top)
Flow Cytometry + Single Site Cytology or Bone Marrow Cytology

($182.00 + $74.00) 

  • Two separate reports will be generated.
  • Single site = 1 lymph node or other single organ aspirate.
  • Requires 2-5 unstained slides
Flow Cytometry + Fluid Analysis

($182.00 + $80.00)

  • Two separate reports will be generated.
  • Fluid analysis includes cell counts and a cytology report.
  • Requires 1 additional EDTA (purple top) tube.

If you have any questions please contact us at vetflow@umn.edu.