The College of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Minnesota provide a variety of services for veterinarians, from consultations with specialists to diagnostic services, continuing education, and more. 

With 16 specialty areas, state-of-the-art equipment such as a 3-T MRI, CT, and linear accelerator, and 24/7 availability, the Veterinary Medical Center is here to help with especially complicated cases.

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612-626-8387 (VETS)  24-hour emergency service

Did you know we have a satellite clinic in Apple Valley?

Our Veterinary Referral Center is perfect for your south metro patients or those willing to travel for an earlier appointment. 

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Radiologist Radiographic Consultation

Our board-certified radiologists are available to review radiographs or other imaging procedures performed at your clinic or elsewhere. 

Review our FAQ sheet on submitting radiographs for consultations. Fill out and submit your request form to the Medical Imaging Department. NOTE: Our radiologists will only accept DICOM images for interpretation. For diagnostic reasons we are unable to review JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or other image formats. Please submit the actual images (see the request form for the email address or our DICOM server information). We are unable to accept view only links from the Cuattro Cloud.

Meet referring vets

Mike McMenomyDr.Mike McMenomy

Owner, Kitty Klinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Mike McMemomy, a 1969 graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, was named 2015 Veterinarian of the Year by the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association and is a member of the Alumni and Friends Society Board at the college. He has referred cases to the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) since he first started practicing at the Kitty Klinic 45 years ago.

His VMC referrals seem to come in waves, he says, but he estimates that he refers a difficult case every couple of weeks. They’re almost always emergency cases or cases that require some form of advanced diagnostics, such as CT scans or MRIs.

Recently, one of his patients had neurological symptoms, and he referred the client to the VMC’s Neurology Service. Headed by Dr. Alistair McVey, a board-certified veterinary neurologist, the Neurology Service has special equipment such as MRI and electrodiagnostic machines to diagnose and treat neurological problems—equipment that would be cost-prohibitive for most smaller veterinary practices.

I consider the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center an extension of my own practice. They’re excellent.—Dr. Mike McMenomy

McMenomy isn’t shy about extolling the benefits of the VMC for veterinarians as well as clients.

“I tell my clients that we are so lucky to have these wonderful board-certified specialists at our doorstep,” he says. “It’s comforting to know that I can send difficult cases to the VMC to get the treatment they need. As a Minnesota veterinarian, I’m grateful to have a great resource like the Veterinary Medical Center, which enables me to offer my clients the absolute best in veterinary care. The VMC is a tremendous asset to the veterinary community.”

Nikki BurkDr. Nikki Burk

Co-partner, South Hyland Pet Hospital, Bloomington, Minnesota

Dr. Nikki Burk is co-partner at South Hyland Pet Hospital in Bloomington, Minnesota, a 30-year-old practice where she has been a veterinarian since she finished vet school at the University of Minnesota in 2001. In 2004, she became a co-owner with Dr. Mark Lehnert, also a CVM alumnus.

The practice focuses on complete companion animal care as well as advanced dentistry, exotic pet medicine, laser surgery, and animal rehabilitation. Dr. James Libby, the former owner of the practice, was a mentor to Burk.

“He was way ahead of his time when it came to advanced services and creating a culture that was all about the client,” Burk says.

I send a lot of cases to the U.Dr. Nikki Burk

Burk is still very active with the VMC, having worked with a number of the clinicians in ICU, emergency, dermatology, oncology, and neurology. 

“Dr. Christine Lim was recently very helpful with one of my emergency ophthalmology cases,” Burk says. “I have also referred cases to Dr. Sheila Torres in dermatology, Dr. David Polzin in internal medicine, Dr. Jody Lulich in urology, and Dr. Margaret Root in theriogenology. I send a lot of cases to the U.”

She has also assisted in teaching dentistry laboratories for veterinary students at the college and serves on the college’s admissions committee.