Equine support

A veterinarian examining a horse with an ipadEquine Research Support Fund
This fund provides research graduate fellowships for equine-track students. It supports continued research in equine genetics, lameness and osteoarthritis; expanding our equine sports medicine. Additionally, it provides support for the on-campus teaching herd critical to our equine veterinary program.  

Image of Leatherdale Equine CenterLeatherdale Equine Center Fund

This fund supports non-capital expenses at the Equine Center such as program support, clinical support, education, and outreach.

Horse in an exam roomLeatherdale Equine Center Building Fund
New isolation facility at the Leatherdale Equine Center  
Our current facility is outdated and located in the Large Animal Hospital which is in a different building. We feel it is important to build an onsite isolation facility at the Leatherdale Equine Center for efficiency and continued quality care. 

Image of the LEC reflection gardenLeatherdale Equine Center Reflection Garden
This funds small equipment purchases and repairs of current equipment as well as the needs of the Leatherdale Equine Reflection Garden.

Image of horse being examined by vetsStrike Zone "Striker" Memorial Equine Scholarship
This fund provides payments to full-time students in the College of Veterinary Medicine for freshman, sophomore, or junior students with a strong interested in equine medicine who have shown dedication to learning and compassion for the horse.

West Metro Equine Practice TeamWest Metro Equine Practice fund
This fund supports the West Metro Equine Practice in the equine ambulatory care, educational support of DVM students, clinical support, community education and outreach.

A veterinarian looking at the hoof of a horseEquine Surgery, Lameness and Sports Medicine Fund
This fund supports the Equine Surgery, Lameness and Sports Medicine services within the College of Veterinary Medicine. Funds will be used to support equipment purchases for Equine health as well as resident and student training in these service areas.

Dr. FrenchDr. Don and Isy French Large Animal Medicine Fund
The fund provides support to the Large Animal Medicine division in the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Funds will be used to support clinical equipment purchases, research projects pertaining to large animal health, and resident training in areas of Large Animal Medicine.

Hercules The Hercules Compassion Fund
To support equine patient care in the Piper Equine Hospital, Large Animal Hospital or West Metro Equine Practice of the Veterinary Medical Center. For clients who demonstrate financial need.

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