Advancing patient care through discovery

Strengthened by the generosity of our community and backed by our clinical research, our uniquely specialized and compassionate care is helping Minnesota’s pets live longer, healthier lives. Together, we are advancing veterinary medicine every day.

Alfie the dog in a plane seatMeet Alfie

All was well until it wasn’t for Alfie, a Boston Terrier living in London, who suddenly began experiencing seizures.  The grave diagnosis of a brain tumor sent Alfie and his owners on a journey across the world to experts at the Lewis Small Animal Hospital for cutting-edge treatment.

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Blackjack the donkey standing in the grass

Meet Blackjack

Life started out rough for newborn donkey foal Blackjack. Injured shortly after birth, his care team at Piper Equine Hospital put him on the mend and back to growing up in good health.  

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Lucy the dog sitting in the grass smiling up at the cameraMeet Lucy

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, a beagle mix named Lucy wears a collar. Recently retired, Lucy served as a canine fecal donor for the Lewis Small Animal Hospital.  During that time, she helped put the health of more than a dozen patients back on track.

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Ora the pig standing on hayMeet Ora

Facing certain death in a barn fire, Ora the pig did the only thing she could. The 8-month-old pig broke through a panel, saving herself and her pen mate but suffering severe burns on over 90 percent of her body. A team of clinicians at the Large Animal Hospital put her on the road to recovery. 

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Stella the dog laying on the couch with a black catMeet Stella

Found abandoned and starving on the side of a highway on a cold winter day, a stray dog named Stella started her long journey of healing the day of her rescue. Serious injuries brought her to the Lewis Small Animal Hospital, where she underwent surgery to fix a fractured hind leg and amputate her front right leg. 

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Tier the horse runningMeet Tier

After being treated for an esophageal blockage, things still didn’t seem right with Tier, a 15-year-old Arabian horse. Clinicians at Piper Equine Hospital diagnosed Tier with aspiration pneumonia and oversaw his five-month recovery.

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